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There are hundreds of hotels in Belize, and you’ve reached a great tool to find the best one that suits you at the best possible price. You may or may not realize that many hotels can be found for one price on one travel site and for another price elsewhere. It’s wise to check several different sites before you book, and here you’ll be able to do just that with only a few clicks.

How to search for Belize hotels
  1. Choose the city you would like in the left drop-down menu

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  4. A new small window will appear where you can select which travel sites you’d like to check

  5. Click Submit Search, and you’ll get results from each site you’ve requested in a different window

Remember that all hotels on Ambergris Caye can be found under the city of San Pedro, whether they are located in that village or not. There are many hotels in Belize that aren’t listed on these booking sites, and they tend to be the small low-budget places. If you are seeing no availability in your search,you might still be able to find a room once you arrive in Belize, but nearly all of the nicer hotels are listed on these sites, so if you want a great hotel it’s best to book before you leave.

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